Therapy for Individuals, Couples & Adolescents

gathering therapy, together we gather the self, with gentle invitation, respect and consent

Therapy is your time, to gather 

to reflect, process, grieve, learn, release & grow  into wholeness


In relational therapy we work together, to support & build your authenticity, your ability to become aware of your responses, and feelings towards yourself and the world around you. 

We learn together, the ways we draw closer to, or away from, a loving connection. 

Together, we can untangle thoughts, heal, understand and build towards balanced existence.  

50 minute sessions Individual 

50 & 90 minute sessions Couple/Relationship

 50 minute sessions Adolescence (ages 10-17)

 50 & 90 minute sessions Co-Parenting Counseling

Therapy sessions occur once, weekly

* Twice weekly sessions available by special consult 

California Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist  AMFT 118936

Supervised by Gieve Patel